Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Update #1

I've done some exercise daily, which is a good start for me. The best part of the week is that I feel pretty good. I've been tired each night and feeling some muscles I haven't felt in a while, but overall it is a good feeling.
  • Monday-walked steps for 5 minutes twice during the day
  • Tuesday-walked around the parking lot while waiting for my girl to finish gymnastics
  • Wednesday-walked a mile in our neighborhood in 20 minutes
  • Thursday-hiked for an hour at Heritage Park with friends
  • Friday-walked 2.28 miles in our neighborhood in 47 minutes
I know this doesn't look like half-marathon material, but I'm starting from NOTHING. The more I think about my goal, the more excited I get. No one has said I was crazy, yet, but I have gotten some interesting looks that told me exactly what the people were thinking. That's okay. It adds to my motivation. I have the internal motivation, but when I experience the ebb and flow, I will draw on my external motivation. People who doubt me, don't know me very well.

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  1. Way to go, Dawn!! My SIL is a veteran marathoner and was recently offering my husband some tips. She said you can find tons of training schedules online.